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Cool Drizzly Weather Is Good Time For JoJo's Massage
Posted on:Monday, January 9, 2012

Cool Drizzly Weather Is Good Time For JoJo's Massage
Did you know that you have 52 perceptics? Most people only think you have five.

For example, your body can feel barometric pressure. This is what will make your knees and muscles ache sometime.

You can sense exterior motion, time, rhythm , volume, muscle tension, etc. etc

Much more than five senses.

That is why getting in tune with your body is important. If you are just a little bit "off" it can mess up a lot of things.

Massage can help to get you feel more "on" It can help you align with all the 52 perceptics.

Hot stone therapy opens up all of your meridians (healing gateways) and helps you get into better position to heal.

It takes a whole life "style" to be healthy. It took you many years to get into the condition you are in now. It will take a little time to get into shape.

Regular massage will you. Ancient Chinese massage will heal you. But You are the one who must have the discipline to get it together. And you can start NOW!

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