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New Years New Healthy lifestyle from JoJo's Massage!
Posted on:Friday, December 30, 2011

Every one always try to make New Years resolution. Did you know that only about 3% of all resolutions stick? Why?

To really change takes time. It's gradual thing. Too fast is not natural. Do you think a river will change its path in one day? Maybe there is a "Flash Flood" that change the river one day, but the next day, after the "flash" is over, then it goes back to it's old path.

Is your New Years resolution like a "Flash Flood"?

Strong things grow strong slowly. You think a tree become strong over one night? No. It takes time and patience (maybe even a little discipline)

Resolve to make a change, OK. But maybe resolve to "start" to make a change.

If you lose 30 pounds in 30 days, then maybe you will become so hungry that you gain 50 pounds in the next 30 days.

Maybe try to lose 10 pounds in 30 days. A good idea to lose weight is to eat "Child's portion" People usually eat what is in front of them.

Stop drinking slowly.

Cigarettes is different type of addiction. But a lot has to do with habit of doing something with your hands. Doing something because your bored.

Whatever you try to "resolve" to do, do it with permanent mind, not "temporary" mind.

Do with small short term goals. Do it with "easy to hit" targets. Recognize when you have a small victory. Many small battles will win the war.

Sometime you may even lose the small battles. But small loss is easier to recover from then a large loss because you try to make a lrge unreasonable target.

Remember, it takes many years to make you the way you are now, It will take some time and patience to make a change.

Regular massage will help make that change easier. If you feel like eating, take quiet relaxing massage to help ease your mind. If you have stress from quitting cigarettes or another bad habit, then a relax.. and escape... at JoJo's Massage.

Why does "one day at a time" not work? Because if you always have your mind on "resisting" something, then that thing is always on your mind.

Remember this old Chinese saying "The thing you resist, will tend to persist!" Say that to your self over and over again until you "hypnotize (not really) yourself into believing it.

For more health tips, be sure to check our blog daily, read through past blogs, leave comments and suggestions, and begin giving each other good ideas. The world changes slowly, but you can change your mind right NOW!



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