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We Love Our Veterans At JoJo's Massage
Posted on:Thursday, November 10, 2011

The American veteran should be one of the most honored people in whole world!

Just think what our world would be like if we did not have military to protect us, and veterans who lead the way!

Maybe we all learn German or Japanese now!

They sacrifice everything about themselves because they love America country!

I saw one show where a man talk to a parachute Marine.

Man say he have this German army in hat direction, another one in another direction, infantry that way, and tanks that way! You are surrounded!

American Marine say "We are Para Troopers son, we are SUPPOSE to be surrounded!"

I learn in America help China in WWII. Japan attack China and will soon win. America come Manchuria and help us defeat Japanese Army.

America is always here to help somebody.

Now I can help you, veterans.

This weekend only If you have Military ID I will give you 10% off massage and free Ionic oot detox to help you heal you body.

Just show me Veterans card or any military ID.

We have 6 therapist here to help you.You can call or walk in any time.

God Bless America!

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