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I Am Now Sworn In American Citizen, JoJo's Massage
Posted on:Friday, October 14, 2011

Today I went to the swearing in ceremony for new US Citizens. It was very long. First we watch movie called "American faces" we see a lot of faces. American president, children Chinese People, Pakistan People, lots of different people.

Then we saw video with song "National Anthem" . Then a man tell us to be proud. A lot of people die, so that we can be free. We should vote, go jury duty,fight and die for America, and help each other.

Then we put hand on heart and say a lot of words. First the old man say a lot, then we say same.

Then we watch another video of country singer singing, "God Bless The USA".

Then we get certificate. We stand in long line, but they already give us number. So when we go in front, our paper is ready.

Then we go home.

It was pleasant experience.

Now I go back to very hard massage therapy job.

But now I am happy.

I am free!


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