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Sister Arrived, Ready To Do Good Massage Therapy
Posted on:Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister Arrived, Ready To Do Good Massage Therapy

My sister, Nana, has arrived and we are very happy to have her back. She has a lot of customers that still request her massage therapy from the last time she was here in Feb.

She does massage therapy very well. (and it doesn't hurt that she is very young and beautiful!)

We come from a city in China called Harbin. It is in the North east of China. It is very,very cold there in the winter. The winters are very rough. So the people that come from there are very strong people that can survive well.

We are very strong, That is why we can do massage work for 12 -16 hours every day. Even our last customer will get the same quality massage as the first customer in the morning.

Nana lives in Wash DC. She like the customers here more then the DC customers. The DC customers can sometime be very rude. The Southern customers are very nice. Even though she is working, she still feel like it is a vacation from too many people,too much traffic and too much pollution.

I am sure everyone will give her a warm welcome.


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