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New Massage Therapy Girl Arriving Next Week
Posted on:Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Massage Therapy Girl Arriving Next Week

Hello everybody,

Today was so slow this morning in massage therapy business, in the evening it is better.

Wendy is home sick for New York, she will go back next week. I will have new massage therapy girl arrive next week.

She has already worked here before, so her security, and background check is already clear. She will be ready to work as soon as I call her.

She wanted to go out and start her own massage shop, but then she find out, it is not so easy.

It takes a lot of money to begin, and if you don't have a large advertising budget, you will fail.

A lot of massage therapy girls work for me, then they think they can make they own Massage store. Then they always want to come back.

No problem, I know how to "forgive and forget" like American people say.

My husband says it is like baseball player. Somebody hit him the ball, and he make easy catch. Looks easy! Right?

What you don't see, is how much he practice, study, watch film, exercise he do by himself. Then he study each batter, and he can make a good guess where he will hit the ball. After a lot of work, study and exercise, he can make catch look easy.

No business is easy. it can look easy, but that is only how it look. Doing is a different story.

Always must have customer service, advertising, think of new specials, and lots of people want to sell a lot of advertising that dont work. You can make good money, but then all your money can be gone easy if you don't watch it.

It don't matter how much you make. It matter how much you save.

I am lucky, true. But I do work very hard every day.

American say " The harder you work, the luckier you get!



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