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Very Busy Massage Business
Posted on:Saturday, September 10, 2011

We have still been very busy with massage business. I have hire more girls. We don't lose any walk in customers.

Linda is leaving for California tonight. Her flight is at night, so she will work whole day today. We have new girl come in on Monday.

My back is all better. I will go to the gym again and learn some more back exercise.

This weekend is for grandparents. This holiday make me home sick for China. But I have a good life here.

When i was in China, my aunt own a hospital. I stay a lot with my aunt. I learn how to fix people body very well. I didnt learn massage therapy until my friend give me massage after i work 16 hours at my clothing factory. When she was finished, I feel like I just woke up.

I learn China techniques at special ancient Chinese School, then I come America and go to more American Massage school. Then I go school every year to stay up to date with laws and new techniques.

I wise man said once " The biggest barrier to learning is, to have the idea you already know all about it" This mean, no one can learn ANYTHING when they already "Know it all!" Say to somebody "I don't know" don't mean you are stupid people. This mean you are taking one step towards wisdom.

My massage therapist always are learning, and I learn from them. I know we have the best massage anywhere. To be the best, you only need to care about clients. All my customers are like my good friend. Good friends help take care each other.

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