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Massage Therapy Good For Grand Parents Too!
Posted on:Friday, September 9, 2011

Massage Therapy Good For Grand Parents Too!

This week have Grand parent's day! America have so many holiday!!! I like the idea of this one. My grandfather was 99 years old eleven times! In China the number 100 is very unlucky,So no one say they are 100.

When elderly get massage, it is very healthy for them. It help the blood flow very well, it help high blood pressure very well. It help stress very well. It is very good for relax. It is a good present to give your mother and father, because they probably help you with your children a lot!

I will give you 5% discount for your grandparents, just print this blog and bring it with you. Ancient Chinese Massage will be appreciated very much.

Massage therapy is very good gift.

Linda will e leaving tomorrow to visit her family in California. We will have anew girl take her place on Monday if her background check is clear by then.She has trained in one of the best schools in America, and she also train in China. We look forward to have her as massage therapist.

The weather is very beautiful, the people in this city are very nice, and we are all here ready to help you feel better.



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