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Woodstock massage therapy business doing very well
Posted on:Thursday, September 8, 2011

Woodstock massage therapy business doing very well

I thought yesterday was going to be slow massage therapy day, but I was wrong. Yesterday was yet another very god business day.

Our credit card machine still goes down from time to time. Somebody from our internet company is coming today. I hope they can fix. This is big pain!!!

My back is 85% better. I am lucky, I get a lot of people give me free massage therapy. Every time they work on me, I can move a little better.

My husband will teach me some back excersizes at the gym. If I do all the time, I will not have back problem again.

I go gym three - four times every week. I think I hurt my back doing aerobic class. I will be more careful.

today we will have 4 girls and me. Total 5 massage therapist. Alicia is take day off. Cindy ha off yesterday, she will be work today. I know a lot of people miss her.

This weekend is grandparents day. Maybe a nice relaxation massage for them will be very appreciated.

My grandfather was very old. In China the number 100 is very unlucky. So he was 99 eleven times!


I look forward to see you soon for a great massage!



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