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Labor Day and Massage therapy
Posted on:Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day And Massage Therapy

I have been reading and study what is Labor Day?

In America's "industrial revolution" the bosses always have workers they do not treat well. So workers organize themselves and stand up ad fight. Many workers die and get hurt. But in the end, America make more good laws for workers. Make minimum wage,minimum age, cleaner work conditions,and more.

But most importantly, workers want a holiday between 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

So we have Labor Day.

Dont forget, if there were no good workers in WWII, America cannot win that war. All the American people help each other. Workers make so many guns, ships, tanks, bullets, that the other countries cannot keep up with them. It was the American worker that do so much to help win the war.

I know labor and stress is very hard for the body. A good massage can help your vacation be a little bit more pleasant.

If you are a worker or a boss, you can give yourself a reward with some of the best Asian massage therapist in all the country.

Come on in, get out of the heat. Now it's YOUR time to relax...and escape... to JoJo's massage!
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