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Medicinal & Culinary Herbs List From JoJo
Posted on:Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Medicinal & Culinary Herbs List From JoJo
Medicinal&Culinary Herbs

Herbs listed in this section have been used by humans for their medicinal or culinary properties. They may also have psychoactive properties, but these are generally much milder than for those plants listed in the Psychoactive Plants section.
ALBIZIA Albizia julibrissin Depression; Anxiety

ALOESAloe vera Burns

ANISEPimpinella anisum Expectorant

ARROWROOTMaranta arundinaceae

BLACK COHOSHCimicifuga racemosa Menopause

BLACK CURRANT Ribes nigrum.

BORAGE Borago officinalis Anti-inflammatory, Expectorant

BRYONIABryonia spp.Purgative

CALAMUSAcorus calamusStomach Problems

CALENDULACalendula officinalisCramps, Gas, Toothaches

CARAWAYCarum carvi.

CATNIPNepeta catariaCold, Flu, Stomach Upset

CHAMOMILEChamaemelom nobileAnxiety, Indigestion, Sore Throats

CLOVES..COMFREYSymphytum officinale Skin, Wounds, Ulcers

DAMIANATurnera aphrodisiacaDepression, Anxiety

ECHINACEAEchinacea augustifolia Infections, Respiration

EUCALYPTUSEucalyptus globulus Respiration, Expectorant

EYEBRIGHTEuphrasia officinalis Eyes, Astringent

FEVERFEWChrysanthemum parthenium Fever, Headaches

FOXGLOVEDigitalis purpurea Heart Medications

GALANGALAlpinia officinarum Aphrodisiac, Stomachs

GARLICAllium sativum Anti-bacterial

GINGERZingiber officinaleCramps, Fevers, Bad Circulation

GINSENGPanax quinquefoliusBlood Pressure, Depression

GOLDEN SEALHydrastis canadensis Gastritis, Skin

HEMLOCKConium maculatum Poison

HOPS Humulus lupulus Beer Ingredient

HYDRANGEAHydrangea paniculata.

JOJOBASimmondsia chinensisShampoo

LAVENDERLavandula angustifoliaDepression, Fatigue, Headaches

LICORICEGlycyrrhiza glabraCoughs, Ulcers, Cramps

MILK THISTLESilybum marianum Liver Problems

MIRACLE BERRYSynsepalum dulcificumSweetener

MINTMentha spp.Nausea, Ulcers, Fevers, Colds

MUGWORTArtemisia vulgaris Dreaming

MULBERRYMorus spp.Laxative, Hallucinogen

MULUNGUErythrina mulunguDepression, Tension, Anxiety

NIGHTSHADESolanacea family.

NOOTKA LUPINEFabaceae family.

PENNYROYALMentha pulegiumFever, Gas, Coughs

PERIWINKLEVinca sppVascular tonic, Purgative

SAGESalvia officinalisSore Throat, Indigestion

ST JOHN'S WORT Hypericum perforatum Anxiolytic

UVA URSIArctostaphylos uva-ursi Urinary Tract Infections, Ulcers

VALERIANValeriana officinalisTension, Anxiety, Cramps

VERVAIN Verbena officinalisTension, Depression, Seizures

YARROWAchillea millefoliumFevers, Blood Pressure

OTHER HERBSSynsephalum dulcificumTaste Altering

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