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Safe Winter Driving
Posted on:Tuesday, January 28, 2014

With winter here, safe driving is a must. There are a number of websites, government, private and commercial, that offer safe winter driving tips and other useful information. The info below was gathered from the following links in order to put more information in one place. So far this winter throughout the United States and other countries there have been many accidents caused by severe weather resulting in injuries as well as a number of fatalities.

The last bit of snow we received that froze and left ice on some roads for days was very treacherous. A number of people called us after they thought that they could go out and drive in it without any traction devices or traction tires. On the flat roads that is normally fine but as you all know, here in Clark County we have plenty of hills, some quite steep. We hope that you would avoid attempting to ascend or descend any ice covered hills especially if you do not have the experience or equipment to do so safely in your vehicle. There are instances where a hill can be steep enough that even with chains our trucks still cannot make the hill safely. This was the case one evening with a fellow who drove his 2 wheel drive pickup down a hill and had trouble maintaining control. Fortunately he was able to stop safely and pull his vehicle off the road. We were called by his insurance company who said that his vehicle was damaged and it needed a tow but once we arrived and spoke with the customer that was not the case. The customer was afraid to continue driving his vehicle on the fairly steep hill and wanted us to tow it home for him. The ice was solid and the hill steep enough that even with chains we would also not have enough control or traction to make the hill. Just because you have chains, cables, studded or traction tires does not mean that you will not lose control. Remember the taxi that had chains on and still ended up sliding down a steep hill into a house in the Portland area years ago? I do, and so do others who know when not to risk it.

All of us at All County Auto Towing hope that even just a little bit of this information will help keep you, your family and friends safe while on the road this winter. As always, please drive safe and enjoy the road.


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