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Towing Service in Vancouver WA
Posted on:Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Towing Service in Vancouver WA provided 24/7 by highly skilled, professional and friendly service technicians. Whether you need a flatbed tow truck or just a wheel lift tow truck for towing service we have you covered. Our towing service is professional, safe, damage free and done in a timely manner. Rates for our towing service are very competitive and very affordable as you can see below. We offer various discounts such as 10% off of your first service, 10% off services for our Facebook fans as well as flat rates for our towing service. Follow us on Google Plus for great offers posted monthly for all of our services.

At All County Auto Towing we want to give you the best towing service experience possible while still being affordable for the services rendered so we will not charge you for a service that you do not need or agree to. We will let you know, as to the best of our knowledge, if there will be any additional charges for a specific situation before we begin loading your vehicle so that you can decide whether or not you want to pay for the towing service rather than surprising you with additional fee’s when your vehicle is being unloaded.

All credit and debit cards are accepted as well as approved checks and direct insurance billing. We do not contract with any motor clubs but if they leave you waiting on the side of the road for hours on end, which is not uncommon, you can request that we provide your towing service. Our company works closely with a number of other local highly rated companies and together we all do our best to get your vehicle towed or going again. We will not leave you waiting for more than an hour for service.

So if your car stalls in Vancouver WA, gets rear ended in Battle Ground WA or runs out of fuel and won’t restart in Camas Washington we will be there for you ready to provide the best towing service possible. Drive Safe and Enjoy the Road.


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