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Posted on: 9/17/2008 11:18:00 PM

Its up to you. Its your business


Be your own boss. Start your own businees today. Work the hours and day you want.

You can earn free Tupperware, Trips, Cars, Jewlery and much more all for having fun and building your business.

How much money; how much time?



• 3 hours a week is enough time for 1 party, which based on ournational $400 party average is around $480 monthly income.• If you have 6 hours a week and hold two average parties a week, you’ll earn up to 35% on your retail sales or over $1000 a month income. • Have a working team and give yourself a raise through residual royalties!How do I start? • You’ll be mentored by the best who will help you turn your time into money with free step by step coaching. • You’ll start with a fully-loaded Business Kit and be able to recover its cost by holding your first average party.What do I do? • You’ll offer famous Tupperware® products for Free to people who invite friends over for fun and relaxation. • You’ll help other families add $1000+ to their monthly income by helping them open a Tupperware home-based business so they make money around their families’ needs.
Working from home…Earning money for only 3–6 hours a week…Getting out of debt and into freedom.It’s as close as America’s most trusted brand in food storage…Tupperware. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll Find In Tupperware!

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  • Salary Type: Hourly

valid dates: ongoing


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