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gibLink eCommerce Storefront (home business w/ residucal income) Add this Job to My Locals
Posted on: 10/24/2007 4:20:00 PM

Residual Income (variable)

What if you had the chance to revenue share with the owners of MySpace, YouTube, FaceBook, or Google? Wouldn’t that have been the opportunity of the all opportunities? The key would have been to get in early.

Opportunity Summary: This is a small business development opportunity with a method to generate a passive income by taking part in a new online community called gibLink. See the summary that follows for details.

Residual Income ~ 70% Profit Share ~ R U gibLinked?

Imagine revenue sharing with the owners of MySpace. What do you think that would be worth? You can with gibLink. It is the MySpace for business with 70% of company revenue shared. Millions paid out to members already. Try it for 90 days, make money and start building your business, or cancel.

Register as a Pro Member at

You CAN start you own small business with Global Internet Business Link!
R U gibLinked? Better than FaceBook. We share profits w/ you! gibLink's Web 2.0 Community has opened a doorway to people all over the world. It is a World's first to offer ALL members the opportunity to revenue share company profits in the massively growing Internet market of social & business networking.

Web 2.0 companies, like YouTube, MySpace, or FaceBook, are successful because they each meet a need of the user to establish connections with other people around the world. This need is primarily met through a new medium called social networking via Web 2.0 technologies. gibLink is social networking and a way to make money all in one.

gibLink is an opportunity where NO MEMBER gets left behind.
    * An opportunity with limitless potential with residual income
    * An opportunity for everyone to start a small business
    * An opportunity to grow your primary business
    * An opportunity requiring NO WORK to build a weekly residual income

To learn more visit –

gibLink Members have the ability to generate income from the massive interest that Internet users have in connecting with others that have similar interests and business needs. Everyone needs to grow their home businesses, right? Grow it on gibLink AND get paid.

Many people have asked about the gibLine products. gibLine offers a line of Internet products such as domains, hosting, email accounts, and more. Every gibLine member receives their own storefront to offer these products and earn commissions.

But the eCommerce offerings are NOT all of it…

You will be able to use the gibLine tools to market other business opportunities that you may have or you may just wish to network with a huge Global Internet community.

Other social networks such as MySpace and YouTube are NOT commerce sites and they DO NOT share 70% of their company profits with their members

  • Work from Home & Self Employed Jobs
  • Part Time
  • Education: None
  • Experience: 0 Year(s)
  • Salary Type: Contract

valid dates: ongoing


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