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703 Flat Top Road Shady Spring WV, 25918 | (304)763-5827

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Posted on: 6/14/2007 12:09:00 AM

Why Join Mineral Girlz?

Mineral Girlz is dedicated to helping young ladies build the knowledge of skin care and makeup application. Our makeup is formulated to be light and natural. We also will be adding skin care products, perfume and more fun things for girlz. Mineral Girlz also supports their consultants by providing them with a consultant message board, free advertising buttons and banners as well as free printables. We also have very affordable sales materials like brochures, invitations, business cards and more. Mineral Girlz also has affordable products at prices that girlz can afford.


What do Mineral Girlz consultants do?

Mineral Girlz consultants sell Mineral Girlz makeup, either face to face or over the web. You can sell via your website, online auctions, and much more. Consultants also host parties, set up fundraisers, the possibilities are endless.


How do I Join?

Joining is easy, first you need to decide what type of program you want to join. We have Senior Consultants  , Basic Consultants, Mineral Girlz and Fundraisers 



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