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Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals - We Provide Leads!!!! Add this Job to My Locals
Posted on: 6/30/2011 6:35:00 PM


If you’re interested in a real estate career, we recommend that you explore the topics on this page. This will give you a good overview of who real estate agents are, where they start, and what they do. Once you’ve reviewed this information, we recommend that you contact a local Crestico, Inc.’s office, to learn more. The value of a good name is incalculable. When you partner with Crestico, Inc., you enhance your real estate career opportunities with the marketing prowess and efficiency of a trusted international organization. We won’t tell you how to run your real estate career. Instead, we’ll help you do what you do best by enhancing your real estate expertise with our comprehensive programs and services, and our family service heritage. Benefits to your real estate career include: ¦A marketing services program designed for the custom needs of real estate agents ¦Training that emphasizes success strategies for your real estate career ¦Leadership in applying technology to the real estate transaction ¦A partner dedicated to serving your professional sales needs ¦A helping hand in building and retaining business The following services are available for a low monthly fee of $50.00 ($350.00 a Month Value) -1st Real Estate Transaction is covered by E&O Insurance -1 (one) Domain Name (upon domain name availability) -Personalized Real Estate Website -Corporate Email Address, 4 Digit Ext./V.M. Box & Paperless Fax Tech -Business Cards -Legal & Technology Support -Social Media Marketing -Email Campaign Marketing -Online Yellow Pages Listing -Daily News Updates From Leading Industry Sources -Continued Education & Training -C.A.R. & N.A.R. Membership -Zipforms 6.0 Online Professional -Knowledgeable Management -Meeting Rooms available for $20/hour statewide -Preferred Vendors Available for Printing and Marketing at discounted price -Open House and Listings Support -HUD HOMES FOR SALE -Established Relationship with Asset Managers -Real Estate Transaction Coordinator available on a per file basis for a fee -Mortgage Loan Origination Income

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  • Contract
  • Education: None
  • Experience: 1 Year(s)
  • Salary Type: Contract
  • Expires: 12/31/2012



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