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Posted on: 5/1/2014 8:09:00 AM

The various short courses and the upcoming workshop by ICDTraining are:

Macroeconomics Policy Formulation, Analysis and Management | Best project management course:


Course outline upon request by as: From April 28, 2014 until May 09, 2014 at South Africa, Pretoria.


  • Economic management and development policy. Which consist of management planning and 410 event
  • Also, avail management courses at discounted rates.
  • Budgeting for Efficient Economic Management:
  • Your hunt for best project management course ends here as we offer tailored management courses to suffice the needs of a specific type of industry.

  • Price: Free Event
  • Event Place: South Africa, Pretoria.

Degree in supply chain management, Standard accounting program


Suite Ff02 Hatfield Gabbles, 484 Hilda Street, Hatfiel, South Africa Pretoria PA, 19440


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