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United Electric just launched first product for sale on Amazon and we are so excited! Add this Job to My Locals
Posted on: 4/14/2015 12:47:00 PM

THIS IS A LITTLE KNOWN SECRET THAT COULD SAVE YOU $1,000s A YEAR AND PUT AN END TO HAVING TO REPLACE LIGHT BULBS! It's My Green Earth ECO-FRIENDLY LED REPLACEMENT BULBS - Our Extra Long Life LED bulbs last an average 18.3 Years which is 92% Longer Than Standard Incandescent Bulbs. This is a Lifetime Savings of $679.00 Per Bulb based on an average use of 3 hours per day 7 days per week. It's My Green Earth LED bulbs use 80 - 83% less energy than Incandescent Light Bulbs. SAVE TIME & MONEY by switching to our LED bulbs! It's My Green Earth Mercury-Free Design is Ideal for Homes with Children and Families and Modern Office Spaces. Mercury Free is worry free! Our LED bulbs are also Recyclable with No Throw Away Waste Product Safeguarding Our Planet for Future Generations to Come! Therefore, by switching to It's My Green Earth LED bulbs, you will be Setting a Good Example to Friends and Family by Reducing Your Carbon Footprint on the Environment. Using It's My Green Earth LED bulbs dramatically Reduces the Hassle of Frequent Bulb Changing, Increasing Safety in Your Home or Office by eliminating the necessity of climbing ladders, standing on chairs or precariously balancing in awkward positions to change burnt out bulbs. It's My Green Earth LED bulbs, will Improve the Look and Feel of your Home or Office. LED bulbs are the Modern Efficient Alternative to Incandescent Lighting Providing Quality Warm Lighting (2700K) at an Affordable Price. Our Instant On at Full Brightness 720 Lumens with Wide Light Distribution Create a Comfortable and Inviting Atmosphere you will love to live and work in. LED bulbs by It's My Green Earth have No UV Rays and Will Not Fade Room Fabrics or Colors. You can be assured that your home or office’s interior will not be damaged by these harmful rays and will last the expected lifetime. Combine this with the annual energy savings and only Needing to Replace Bulbs on Average every 18 years your overall savings soar! It's My Green Earth LED bulbs come with a No Hassle No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee so you can Buy with Confidence! START REDUCING YOUR ELECTRIC BILL NOW with It's My Green Earth! Now here's what to do... Go to Amazon, buy this product and do a review on Amazon - tell Amazon and others what you like about the product. We will then send you a special thank you gift for reviewing our new product! How fun is that!!! GO TO AMAZON NOW AND BUY THIS PRODUCT-

  • Wednesday, April 01, 2015 at 9:00 am
  • Event Place: Amazon


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