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Mindfulness & Meditation Vacation Workshop Retreat Labor Day Weekend 2012 Add this Job to My Locals
Posted on: 7/22/2012 2:27:00 PM

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Is your spirit in need of a vacation? Do you long for freedom from the incessant negative chatter of your mind? This vacation workshop retreat will give your weary soul the vacation it longs for and deserves. What is meditation but a soul vacation? Learn to let your mind rest. Enjoy freedom from beliefs which no longer serve you. We will use a variety of meditation techniques to help you realize true freedom and the true meaning of “rest.” This workshop retreat will help you: -Discover what is meditation, really -Learn that it is possible to take a real Vacation in less than an hour -Let your spirit soar into true Freedom In Buddhism it is said that there are two kinds of obscurations (the veil which keeps us from seeing clearly): the obscuration of ignorance and the obscuration of knowledge. We see what we believe. It is our “knowledge”, our beliefs, which keep us stuck. Most of our beliefs are a product of our own conditioning, whether or not we are aware of it – parental, societal, religious and just the plain overwhelming hypnosis of billions of people buying into the same methodology of seeing the world. We become attached to our “story”, and fear that without it we would lose our identity. Actually that identity, that False Self, is the perfect thing to lose! So, how can we break free from the “known” – from our stuck places? Is it possible to live in the unknown? Is it possible to have a life enlivened by wonderment? Can we learn to value our questions, which are dynamic and alive, more than the supposed answers? Is it possible to free our minds of the trap of circular logic which we worry like a dog worrying a bone? Can we break out of the box and soar? Is it possible to explode the myths we have “bought into” at the cost of our own true freedom? The answer is Yes! At the vacation workshop retreat, through experiential activities such as meditation and mindfulness practice, as well as group sharing, we'll discover and examine: -The fact that we have a choice over our thoughts and belief -How we can decide which belief systems serve us and which do not -The pitfalls of thought and the difference between thoughts and feelings -The fact that the body doesn't lie -How to transcend thought -How to release attachment to our own “identity? in order to allow ourselves the true freedom of discovery During the weekend activities we will support you to find the way out of your chattering mind to enhance your conscious awareness and mindful, emotionally balanced state, rich with compassion for self and others. Through various meditative experiences and dialog, you will learn to quiet the mind and release the False Self, which is fueled by False Belief, to find your way home back to the true essence of SELF. More information and registration at:

  • Saturday, September 01, 2012 Starts at 10:00 am - Sunday, September 02, 2012 at 5:00 pm
  • Price: $197 buy tickets
  • Event Place: Retreat Site off of I-4, Exit 10

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