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Special Introductory Lecture in Washington, DC Add this Job to My Locals
Posted on: 5/29/2012 9:14:00 PM

Welcome Friends!


People have accumulated pictures of all the events that has happened to them
in the past and they hold onto them, causing agonies, depression, and pain.

There has never been a method until now on how to subtract all of our false
minds that haunt us and to become a clean slate, free of those minds. Once we
cleanse our minds of all the accumulated pictures, we'll able to find peace, and
a purpose within. Maum Meditation is changing the Human Mind to the Universe
Mind, and then living eternally as this

See what people are saying :

"My Way of Thinking has Changed from Night to Day"

I was always seeking for happiness outside of myself through books,
people, religion, etc. but was never able to find it totally. Something was
missing all the time. Sometimes I would feel disappointed, stressed, sad most of
the time, wondering why and feeling sorry for myself. But one day, while I was
at the public library I saw a brochure about Maum Meditation, so I decided to
call to find more information about it. After watching the video and talking to
a helper, I decided to give it a try, even though I felt a little bit skeptical.
I didn’t really understand how subtracting pictures from my mind would change my

The first two weeks of meditating almost every day were very intense. I had
never thought about the quantity of pictures I had along with all the feelings
that came with them, and then little by little, I started to realize that
everything in my mind was fake. I was trapped in my mind world, a dead world!! I
started looking at the world in a different way. It’s like I had been living
life with my eyes closed and all of a sudden opening them. I take meditation as
part of my life just like my body needs food to stay
alive, the same way I
need Maum Meditation.

This first level helped me to understand that I am the universe, as well as
my surroundings. It was something, that before Maum Meditation, I had no idea
about because I was living my life thinking that the universe and I were two
totally different things. My way of thinking has changed from night to day. I
look forward to continuing on to the next levels until I complete them all. I
want to be reborn!! I am so
grateful to Maum Meditation.

Veronica / Sales / Torrance, CA


We will be holding a special introductory lecture in DC on Tuesday, June
19th. This special lecture will introduce our Maum Meditation program and
explain the benefits and the importance of cleansing our minds. We hope everyone
can make it! It'd be great to have you.

Give us a call for a reservation! 443-955-4920

  • Tuesday, June 19, 2012 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 am
  • Price: Free Event
  • Event Place: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library


901 G St. N.W. Washington DC, 20001


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