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Address: 2661 US Highway 130
Cranbury, NJ 08512
Telephone: (609)269-2480
Website: www.abjdronesolutions.com
Category:Aerial Photographer

General Information

ABJ Drones is an expert Commercial Drone solutions provider. We are proficient in utilizing multiple flying Drone platforms, cameras, sensors and software technologies towards the most challenging Commercial applications. ABJ Drones is also an Enterprise Distributor for 24 States (Maine to Texas) in the US for DJI, the largest drone manufacturer in the world, and related products (Zenmuse, FLIR, etc.). ABJ Drones is an FAA 333 exempted organization and its professionals have Part 107 UAS certifications as well as being fully insured to provide commercial services. ABJ Drones have been associated with the following Business Models: A) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES BUSINESS: Some of the professional services that ABJ provides include, but not limited to: Thermal and optical imaging, 3D Imaging, Building, architectural and roof Inspections, Solar and wind farm inspections, Law enforcement services including surveillance and pursuits, Fire department and search and rescue missions, Commercial and residential real estate, malls, universities Projects, Commercial Videography/photography, Electric, cell towers, gas and fuel lines, utility and bridge inspections, Warehouse, construction site, forest, land, etc. Marketing videos and services and Agricultural Solutions. 1) INFRASTRUCTURE INSPECTIONS: For inspections of Cell towers, Power lines, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Rail Tracks, Warehouses, Construction sites, etc. we use our high end commercial platforms like the M600 Pro and Inspire 2 with cameras such as Thermal Zenmuse XT and Optical zoom Zenmuse Z30. We have also partnered with the DJI Custom Solutions team to create unique personalized platforms to get the job done more efficiently based on clients needs and specifications. We have collaborated with these companies by providing them with customized solutions with Drones, Cameras and other technologies making them more capable and efficient in their Inspection jobs and thus saving them on cost of operations and emphasizing on employee safety. 2) 3D MAPPING Mapping technology has grown enormously in past 5 years and there are huge opportunities in the creation of 3D Maps using Drone platforms. We utilize software like Drone-Deploy, Precision Hawk, Altizure to process all the Imaging data mostly shot from Cameras such as Zenmuse X3 or X5 installed on DJI Inspire/M600 Platforms. To scout the entire area, we need to take hundreds of Snapshots of the property at various angles and light situations and create a well detailed 3D map providing every bit of information to the client. 3) PUBLIC SAFTEY Through our Eyes in the Sky Public Safety Program we have thrived to improve the area of Public Safety such as Fire Departments, Police Departments, Search and Rescue Operations and Surveillance Companies. We utilize our state of the art Thermal XT Cameras with the Matrice 600 series or Inspire Platform to maximize work efficiencies, reduce Human risks of direct exposure to harm s way and make the overall process less cumbersome and most effective by putting machines first in the line of danger or in situations of low Light/visibility, inhumane situations, etc. 4) COMMERCIAL VIDEOGRAPHY/PHOTOGRAPHY We have created a Network of over 200 UAS Pilots all across Mainland USA including Permanent ABJ Pilots and Contractors. They are officially assigned various Projects by ABJ Drones for various commercial Videography/Photography. 5) AGRICULTURE SOLUTIONS: CROP INSPECTION, IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT, CROP CONSULTING, SPRAYING: The DJI Agras MG-1 is an agricultural octocopter designed to increase efficiency and manageability in plant protection and fertilization. One single Agras MG-1 can carry 10kg of fluid and cover 10 acres (4 hectares) in a single flight. We have also initiated a Rental/ Leasing program

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