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open quotePatrick holds a PhD in Comparative Religions (Florida State University), a M.A. in Asian Studies (Florida State University), and a M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).? Patrick is a read moreclose quote

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General Information

Patrick holds a PhD in Comparative Religions (Florida State University), a M.A. in Asian Studies (Florida State University), and a M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).?

Patrick is a Certified Medical Qigong, Taiji & Yoga instructor, and is also a Certified Hypnotherapist (by the National Guild of Hypnotists, or NGH).

As one of the fastest growing healing modalities, hypnotherapy has experienced a surge in popularity in the past decades, having helped millions of people and counting.

Hypnosis has been used effectively to alleviate many health problems as well as some health risk factors. It helps with weight loss, stop smoking, manage stress, enhance athletic performance, etc. Some in the medical community as well as other health professionals routinely use hypnotic techniques to affect positive changes in their clients health and well being. The holistic view of the human being and the world has slowly taken root to become part of this approach of the body and mind as intricately linked, and intimately connected to the whole, the environment, their communities, the family, etc.


Similarly, qigong has become a very popular type of self healing and healing modality practiced by millions not only in China but, literally, all over the world. The benefits of qigong and Taiji (also spelled Taichi) have been attested in thousands of studies both in China and the west(1). This healing modality stems from a holistic view of the world and therefore of the body and mind. Health, thus, can be maintained by the use of body mind technologies that uses relaxation, slow and gentle moving exercises, standing and sitting postures, relaxed breathing, that are aimed at quieting the mind and cultivating the internal energies. Most importantly, the use of yi, mind intent, shows prominently in all writings, ancient and modern, dedicated to the subject. This term is similar to the "power of intention," an idea that has become so well known in the last few years. Qigong works by moving, increasing and storing qi or energy. When energetic blocks are released many symptoms and causes of health disharmonies, physical, emotional, mental, are alleviated and often completely healed.


Another powerful healing modality that has stemmed from Qigong/Energy Medicine is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also referred to as "tapping." This practice combines the use of acupuncture points with psychology, a type of psychological acupressure, as it were, to manage un-healthy mental and emotional states. By working on the acupuncture points this energy healing modality interrupts the negative emotional patterns, balancing and re-energizing the body-mind energies and clearing blockages as you do so. The practice is easy to learn and, like hypnosis and qigong, brings oftentimes extraordinary results.

All the practices described in these pages have as their goal to alleviate pain and suffering, they all help us to let go of old habitual and destructive habits, leaving instead room for new and positive ways of feeling and viewing ourselves and the world around us, our relations, community, jobs etc. This way they help us reach our potential, accomplish goals and live with a sense of well being, joy and fulfillment.

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before starting these or any other exercise or body-mind program.

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