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open quoteAt Carlton Neurofeedback Center, located in Manassas, Virginia, we offer drug-free, pain-free long-term solutions for a wide range of neurological issues, from bipolar disorder and panic attacks to read moreclose quote

Address: 8805 Sudley Road Suite 200
Manassas, VA 20110
Telephone: (571)343-4803, (703)335-9149
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At Carlton Neurofeedback Center, located in Manassas, Virginia, we offer drug-free, pain-free long-term solutions for a wide range of neurological issues, from bipolar disorder and panic attacks to insomnia and autism. In short, we offer a way for you to gain better control over your thoughts? What if you could be in complete command of your emotions – in any situation? Stage fright would become a distant memory. Stress would no longer lurk in the background, impacting how you feel throughout the day. Athletes could unlock their true potential as performance anxiety in sports became a thing of the past. And even better, symptoms caused by a whole host of psychiatric disorders – from ADHD to PTSD – could be better managed, leading to life-changing improvements. As it turns out, the ability to do all of these things already exists. It’s called neurofeedback training – and it’s been proven over the years by both athletes and physicians alike. In fact, a range of recent studies have suggested a significant improvement – and even resolution – in symptoms for individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions, including: ADD/ADHD ANXIETY/PANIC ATTACKS AUTISM BIPOLAR DISORDER CONCUSSIONS DEPRESSION EPILEPSY/SEIZURES INSOMNIA STRESS/PTSD Even more encouraging is a growing body of data that suggests that these results aren’t just temporary, either. They have been shown to last years after the last neurofeedback training session. Better yet, Neurofeedback training is painless, noninvasive, and easy to do: sessions last roughly 30 minutes, and require no more effort than watching a simple video. Here’s how it works: The process begins with you visiting our office to have an individualized “brain map” created. We’ll dab on a bit of gel to apply sensors to your head and then, using a QEEG (quality electroencephalogram), we’ll record YOUR brainwaves to create your own brain map. These results allow us to design your personal training regimen to improve your brain function. When you come in for your Neurofeedback training sessions, we’ll give you a special set of “photic lenses” to wear (they work together with the onscreen video), along with a set of high-quality headphones. Our office is unique in that we use positive, motivational videos while you train, increasing the positive effect dramatically. This process, called “operant conditioning” – allows your brain to develop new, healthier pathways, in a relaxed, secure atmosphere. We know that a healthy brain function means a happier, healthier life. And that’s not just good for you, it’s good for society. It`s why we provide a free initial evaluation to everyone, with no strings and no obligations attached. Neurofeedback training at Carlton Neurofeedback Center in Manassas, Virginia is a brain-training method that helps clients to unlock their full cognitive potential. The advantages of neurofeedback training are clear, and increasing evidence shows that the incredible results are not temporary—but long lasting. At Carlton Neurofeedback Center, we are delighted to help patients overcome conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD/ADD, stress, PTSD, autism, and insomnia among many, many others. On the first visit, using a QEEG machine, we will map the patient’s unique brain waves and use this map to design a personalized training regimen to improve their cognitive function. At each appointment, we use a series of sounds and positive, motivating videos to follow a process of operant conditioning, which teaches their brain to work in a positive manner. We are unique, from our treatments to our positive outlook on the lives of all individuals who come through the door. To learn more about neurofeedback training in Manassas, VA—contact a representative with Carlton Neurofeedback Center today.

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