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Address: 2033 W Mcnab Rd
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Telephone: (800)661-5999
Category:Moving Companies

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Local & Long distance
Residential & Commercial
Packing, piano and storage

Products Carried: Rating +A with the BBB

Brands Carried: Serving all over USA

Payment Options: Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Debit Card, Personal Checks, Traveler's Checks, PayPal

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 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I did inform GM van lines of my big art collection that needed their extra care. The four movers sent over by the company were really careful while handling my art. They came equipped with boxes that would fit my paintings. It was really impressive seeing how efficient these men were. Not many movers really care for your valuables. But the these movers were really exceptional. They were very friendly too. I guess I needed that given how expensive the art was and I really needed to trust them. They delivered all my valuables on time and in great condition. Every piece of artwork survived the trip very successfully."
, Oct 4 2015 10:30PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"GM van lines has an awesome reputation and I was banking on that for my last move. They moved my things from Pompano Beach, FL to Minneapolis, MN. It was very easy getting a quote from them. The number was very reasonable. Four movers showed up at my house right on time. They packed up everything very quickly. The men came with a lot of boxes and other packing materials so there was no shortage. The job was done in 2 hours. They delivered on time as well. All my things were in good shape. I can certainly see why GM van lines has that reputation in the market."
, Sep 30 2015 4:08AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Moving your business location is probably among the hardest thing you can do if you own one. My little shop turned out to have a lot more to move from its old place to the new at San Jose, CA. But I am glad I chose GM van lines because their service was superb, I had packed some of the things, mainly the little ones but they took care of the bigger ones and is no flaw in their present condition. Booking was easy as well as the whole process which went perfectly normal, they reached San Jose and unloaded everything within the schedule time so I managed to arrange the new place and had everything under control."
, Sep 14 2015 2:12PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"They employ very professional and skilled movers unlike other moving companies. The movers from GM van lines showed up on time to move my belongings during my last move. They packed everything carefully and paid extra attention to my breakables. These four men had years of experience and it really showed. They finished the job in no time. They delivered on time and my valuables reached my new home in great condition. I really couldn’t have asked for more."
, Sep 3 2015 9:26PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I knew that GM van lines is quite a reputable moving company. I hired them for my move from Pompano Beach, FL to Houston, TX. The movers sent from the company were quite skilled at packing and loading, very punctual as well. They were extra careful while packing my breakables. They delivered everything on time. I was excited when they delivered all my stuffs and everything was intact. I truly wasn’t expecting that. I highly recommend GM van lines."
, Aug 29 2015 5:12PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I was surprised to see the price in the end. It was totally affordable even though I moved practically a two story house from Pompano Beach, FL to Dallas, TX. It was a pleasant moving besides the tones of furniture I had to move. Don’t think too much, if you are moving these guys are your friends."
, Aug 20 2015 9:07PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I just hate to relocate but last week I had to move with my family from FL to MD. But I was fortunate to have a smooth and affordable move. Obviously I thank GM van lines for the great service. They have some very efficient movers who came on time and completed the move before the schedule and without any mistakes. It was great to see all my things at the right place and without any damage after the move. I thank their sales team as well for offering me such a great deal."
, Aug 4 2015 8:40PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"We're happily on the couch in our new house this evening, thanks to GM van lines. When I called Oded, he was happy to help! On the moving day, a crew of 4 showed up with 2 medium sized trucks. They were efficient, careful, hardworking, and friendly. I can't believe how much they packed; they took great care with blankets and shrink wrap, and brought zillions of boxes. They hauled a heavy armoire up to the top floor of the house; carefully shrink wrapped my daughter's basket of stuffed animals, and cheerfully reassembled the beds. They were super."
, Jul 17 2015 1:24AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"They are true stars. Real moving stars! I am so glad that I hired them and for that I thank my dearfriend Justin who is their regular client. At the very beginning their sales person offered me a very lucrative price. Though I had very few things to move but even that was needed to be done smoothly. Fortunately they did everything picture perfectly. Last time I had to face many unexpected problems caused by the other movers but this time GM van lines showed me how a real moving company should be like!!"
, Jul 4 2015 2:42PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I have used several movers over the years but I never experienced better than these movers. They have all the necessary skills for a perfect move. I used them recently for a 2 bed room apartment move and they did simply awesome. I do recommend them."
, Jun 14 2015 8:04PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"This is not the first time I am writing any reviews but this is the first time I am recommending any company. I suffered many times in past because of various moving companies but this time things have changed for me and something good has happened. When I hired GM van lines, I was not hoping too much. But they surprised me with their speed and accuracy and the price was very reasonable too. The move went really well and without a hitch. They completed the move before I was anticipating and made sure that I do not get a chance to complain. Being honest, they have surprised me with such outstanding service at a reasonable price. Keep it up guys."
, Jun 3 2015 8:20PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I hardly move but recently I moved with my family to my newly owned apartment. Initially I was little worried when I hired GM van lines because it is quite rare to receive a perfect move by any movers. However when they arrived at my place and began the move I was relieved to see them in action. Their movers are super-fast, highly skilled, well mannered, punctual, very committed and friendly and they have the zeal to perform better than any other movers. These qualities derived them to present me a timely, error free, smooth and cost effective move."
, May 16 2015 3:49PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Shifting to Arizona from Florida was never easy for me because I grew up there but because of the job I had to relocate to Arizona. However it was always on the cards. But just before the move I was concerned about my stuffs because last thing I wanted to see some broken, damaged and missing stuffs. I never wanted to have a messy move and thank God that nothing went wrong. I have to give credit to these movers for a brilliant job. They were very accurate, efficient, affordable and punctual. They delivered a p picture perfect move. I would like to thank the movers Berry, Tulio and George and special thanks to their sales person Sarah for everything that they have done for me."
, May 5 2015 7:43PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I am running short of words to thank the entire team of GM van lines. This company seemed to be little expensive at the beginning but now I can say that they have earned every single dime that I paid. Sarah was my moving advisor for my relocation to Pompano Beach, FL to Dallas, TX. She accommodated everything I need and scheduled the move perfectly for me. Berry and his helpers are highly skilled and well experienced. They never looked to be in problem using the narrow stairways and never running behind the schedule. It was a move which had no stress, no hidden fees, and no unwanted surprises. I am gladly recommending GM van lines."
, Apr 25 2015 8:59AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"GM van lines helped us out a few days back. They are the best. They wrapped everything very nicely. They were very careful about the glassware. We have a lot of things, I am happy to say that everything was in perfect condition. The placed every furniture where it was supposed to be. They did so well that I could not ask for anything else. Thanks to Berry and his men for the awesome packing and moving services."
, Apr 18 2015 1:33PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"We hardly felt that we were moving from one state to another. These guys took full control and perfectly handled the packing and moving. They were spot on in both the ends. Loading and unloading went smoothly; entire move was completed within the given time and did not cost us more than the quoted amount. No damage done to anything, no unwanted issues, no bleach of agreement, only great service. Well done GM van lines."
, Apr 9 2015 7:58AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Like a friend GM van lines helped me to move from Pompano Beach, FL to Little Rock, AR. From requirement analysis to decorating the new home, in every step they keep an extra eye beyond their specified duty. And the price they charged is really insignificant compared to their service and care. So, I am impressed like anything."
, Apr 1 2015 9:17PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I used professional movers for the first time while moving to a new apartment with my wife and pets. My experience was simply awesome. Movers maintained the checklist properly, completed the move within the given time, charged within the quoted amount and did not damage my stuffs. I am very pleased with GM Van Lines and I will definitely consider them whenever I need to move again."
, Mar 26 2015 7:51AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"We do not move very frequently because moving is never easy and that involves lots of damaged, lost and broken things and costs a lot. However about a week ago we moved to our new home. I was very concerned about my crystal collections and the antiques that I bought from India but thankfully nothing happened! It was very safe, neat, and smooth and stress free move. Movers did a wonderful job and they were very careful with my belongings. I am very happy with the way things have gone during the move. I would obviously recommend GM van lines for any kind of sensitive moves."
, Mar 19 2015 11:24AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"No matter what type of offer I get from the moving companies I am not going to change my regular mover which is GM van lines. I have been using them for a while and they too always provided me the most efficient moves. They charge reasonable and provide the best possible service. I am yet to experience anything less than excellent. I use them because I need moving services every alternate day because of the nature of my business and these movers now became the part of my daily routine. I would like to recommend GM van lines to others for their moves."
, Mar 10 2015 11:44AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I had doubts about their abilities because they are new in business but I always give chance to the new comers. So, I assigned them for my move and they delivered the best possible service in return. Movers were focused and they meant business. They never rested for a moment. Movers had the clear conception about what they were up against and they performed according to that. They knew their strengths and limitations. That is why they were able to mix it up very nicely. When I saw all my belongings in one piece and without any damage I felt happy like anything. I also need to mention that they completed the move before the schedule and charged a very competitive amount."
, Mar 3 2015 5:42PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I am going to put my comment very straight. I used GM van lines twice within the last 6 months. I used them for a 3 bed room apartment move and then for an office move and they were able to execute the moves perfectly and at a very affordable price. I never noticed any difficulties and I do believe that they are one of the most decorated movers in business. I liked their commitment, punctuality and professionalism a lot. So, I am recommending GM van lines."
, Feb 24 2015 3:35PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"When I was going through their reviews, I made up my mind to call them. It was a very useful conversation with their sales person Oded. I came to know many tricks of a successful move from Oded and also got an excellent offer tailored to my needs. Obviously I hired them for my move. It was an office move and a very tricky one. There were not too many things but all most everything was a sensitive one to move or pack but the movers showed their character. These guys are true professionals. They dealt with the details very efficiently and managed to complete the move within the scheduled time. They also kept the moving cost under my budget. I am highly impressed and that is why I recommend them to everyone."
, Feb 18 2015 10:12AM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"GM van lines is an outstanding moving company. They have such efficient movers and fantastic vehicles. They provide excellent customer support with a smile and they are quite easy to hire and affordable. In short this is one of the coolest moving companies of FL."
, Feb 9 2015 4:02PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I just want to thank GM van lines for the awesome moving experience. Their movers, sales rep Sarah and the foreman Berry everyone played a very vital role in our move. They completed the task within the schedule and managed to deliver all our valuables in one piece and without any damage. I have to admit that their price was little higher than the other companies but service was world class. They were always willing to give their best and never hesitate to go the extra miles. I do recommend GM van lines."
, Feb 3 2015 3:36PM Gm Van Lines

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I have no words to thank you and your crew for an exellent job. you are so kind and helpful and the guys were quite punctual, polite, professional and efficient"
, Jul 17 2014 4:33PM Gm Van Lines


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