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Address: 114 Spring Meadow Lane
Clyde, NC 28721
Telephone: (828)400-3650
Category:Carpet & Rug Cleaners, Pet Odor Removal

General Information

We are a fully licensed and insured company with the goal to provide our customers with astonishing service and the best investment in cleaning and restoring hard surfaces. There are no surprises & no hidden charges. We'll clean your floor or hard surface like it has never been cleaned before!

Pressure Cleaning:
How can I really know that A Better Clean will give me the results that I need?
We know that we will become your new pressure washing company if you allow us to prove ourselves. Seeing is believing, and we are happy to send someone to your location to do some free sample spot demonstrations. This way you can see the incredible results we achieve. Our safe techniques will protect the structural integrity of any surface we are cleaning.

How does A Better Clean stay ahead of the competition?
We constantly educate ourselves. We use the highest quality chemical and cleaners that will be safe for your buildings, lawn, and your customer’s children and pets. We have invested the time and resources to become experts at improving and protecting your investment. We offer chemical solutions that are approved by OSHA (US department of labor occupational safety and health administration) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The fact that we utilize high-end commercial chemicals, enables us to turn the pressure way down and use a 40 degree wide angle nozzle to do most cleaning. This way we are confident that we will not harm the structural integrity of whatever we are cleaning.

Residential Services:
- House Pressure Washing
- Driveways & Sidewalk Pressure Washing
- Poolside and Patio Pressure Washing
- Fences Pressure Washing
- Deck Pressure Washing
- Stores, Gas Stations, Restaurants and More

- Drive-Thru Pressure Washing
- Gas Station Pressure Washing
- Parking Lot Pressure Washing
- Storefront Pressure Washing
- Sidewalk Pressure Washing
- Heavy Duty Equipment and More

- Warehouse Pressure Washing
- Factory Pressure Washing
- Satellite Pressure Washing
- Special Projects and Much More...

Eco Friendly Cleaning
Cleaning That No One Feels Guilty About
As a home or business owner, it's natural for you to want your carpets to look their best. But sometimes, carpet cleaning techniques and solutions can negatively impact the environment. Here at A Better Clean LLC we understand that this is something that should be taken into consideration. We've done our research to ensure every cleaning process we us is eco friendly! Eco friendly cleaning helps to ensure that your family and pets are never at danger. So if you're looking for eco-friendly carpet cleaning services in Clyde, NC, turn to the team at A Better Clean LLC.
Clean Carpets Without the Harmful Side Effects
The same chemicals that can negatively impact the planet can also wreak havoc on people's health. So if you want to get your carpets looking their best without compromising anyone's safety, it's best to use a carpet cleaning services that employs eco-friendly methods. At A Better Clean LLC, we care about the planet, and we also care about our customers' health. That's why we go out of our way to provide thorough, detailed carpet cleaning that's as effective as it is earth-friendly. Call us today to learn more about our eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions or to schedule an estimate for your home or business.

Pet Stain Removal:
Take Care Of Those Pet Stains and Odors
As a pet owner, you may have resigned yourself to smelly, unsightly carpets. But if you're serious about maintaining the state of your flooring from pet stains and odors, A Better Clean LLC is on hand to help. As an established carpet cleaning service in Canton, Waynesville and Clyde, NC, we have the tools and skills to eliminate even the strongest pet odors and stains.

Treat Your Carpets to a Deep Cleaning:
At A Better Clean LLC, our pet odor and stain removal services are designed to transform your carpets and improve your interior on a whole. When you hire us, we'll take the time to assess the state of your carpets and then use our arsenal of tools and techniques to get rid of dirt, debris, and those unpleasant pet smells and stains. We pride ourselves on our complete professionalism and attention to detail; and we go out of our way to keep our rates reasonable and affordable.

Don't let your pets ruin your carpeting with nasty pet stains and odors. We can help. Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.

Effective and Money Friendly
Designed to eliminate odor, prevent staining, and simplify cleanup, Scotchgard is a remarkably effective and cost-effective way to improve the look of your interior. However, not having your Scotchgard applied professionally can actually damage your carpet or furnishings. At A Better Clean LLC, we can install Scotchgard to give your property that added layer of protection it needs.

How it Works:
In addition to preventing spills and dirt from becoming permanent spots or stains, Scotchgard also makes vacuuming and spill cleanup easier than ever. At A Better Clean LLC, we can meticulously apply an even layer of Scotchgard on any surface you want protected from staining or moisture penetration, including: Furniture, Outerwear and Curtains.

If you're tired of fighting to remove stubborn carpet stains day after day, don't struggle any longer. Protect your interior with a Scotchgard application from A Better Clean LLC. For more information about our services or to request a quote, call us today.

Tile & Grout Cleaning:
Make An Impression:
Whether you're a home owner, a business owner, or the manager of a large commercial facility, you're probably aware that your floors take a lot of abuse on a daily basis, and it goes without saying that the better the state of your floors, the better an impression your space is likely to give on a whole. So if you need thorough, comprehensive grout and tile cleaning services for your home or commercial property, call A Better Clean LLC to learn more about the options we offer.

At A Better Clean LLC, we go out of our way to exceed client expectations. When you hire us for grout and tile cleaning, we'll take the time to do our job diligently and accurately. We understand how important it is to have your floors looking well-maintained. And as our customer, you can expect meticulous service and exceptional value, no matter the scope of the job.

Step One:
First we use a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution on your tile and grout to agitate the dirt that’s ingrained into the floor (that’s why mopping never removes it, allowing it to build up over time).

Step Two:
We then use our patented floor tool that applies heated water at just the right pre-selected cleaning pressure in the Containing Dome – pre-selected at a level that precludes any damage. At the same time the water is being applied, it’s also vacuum-extracted at 5 gallons per minute, leaving the surface almost completely dry.

Why waste more time and effort "trying" to clean your tile and grout the old fashion way? The Master's Touch offers fast, effective, and affordable solutions that work on any hard surface: natural stone; travertine; brick; concrete; and stucco. We can do it all - vertical or horizontal.

Our specialty is cleaning tile and grout, but we can do much more. To your right is a list of additional surfaces we can clean with our specialized equipment.

Upholstery Cleaning:
- Upholstery Cleaning Pros -
Is your carpet or upholstery in need of a little professional attention? Even the most stubborn stains and odors are no match for the professionals at A Better Clean LLC in Waynesville, Canton, and Clyde, NC.

Clean, Restore and Protect:
At A Better Clean LLC, we know clean. We have the in-depth knowledge it takes to achieve an exceptional clean while protecting the color and texture of your carpet or upholstery. We use the highest quality products and industry-leading techniques to eliminate even the toughest stains and odors, restoring your carpet or upholstery to its original beauty. And when you hire A Better Clean LLC, you can expect some of the best customer service in Clyde, NC. All of our technicians are extensively trained and hand-selected for their professionalism and attention to detail. You’ll get outstanding results backed by a solid commitment to your total satisfaction.

Don’t put up with that dingy, stained carpet or upholstery for another day. Call the experts at A Better Clean LLC today to schedule your cleaning.

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