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Address: 2301 Kansas Ave Ste B
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Telephone: (800)520-5898
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Products Carried: Local movers, long distance movers, office movers.

Languages Spoken: English

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 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Their service was good and better than the previous movers I hired. They were not the cheapest in town but I Know their pricing is worth the service they showed. I was been unpleasant to them the whole time but they only showed great attitude. I just realized after the delivery yesterday that my attitude towards them is not right so wanted to apologize. Thank you for being so patient with me. Your great people and great personnel too. Keep up the great customer service."
, Dec 21 2014 9:19PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"It was Mike who assisted me on my whole moving process starting from my inquiry call. I had too many questions and he answered them all completely. They also gave me information on their website and where to find information that could definitely answer all my questions. Visiting their website helped me learn more about the moving process and I felt safe and supported knowing my move is in good hands. On the day of pickup they were on time and had a pleasant appearance. I felt very comfortable with the staff, as if I had known them for years.I was given a great price. The movers were all kind, helpful and treated my shipment very well. The job was completed fast and efficiently. Thank you Alliance Relocation Systems for the great moving experience!"
, Dec 8 2014 9:01PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I knew absolutely nothing about moving, but I am not new on this aspect. But my previous move was totally different from this move. First, I had few things before and so I seek the help of friends to move me. I hired Alliance Relocation this time since I am moving mostly heavy equipment, I needed it done professionally so less worries for me. The movers were great and patient.I thought they will go nuts because I am too paranoid on how they will handle everything. But, when they start the job, it eased me. They were professional at the high level because they worked so fast and very accurate. They worked hard and did a great job. What an amazing company, glad I found them and used them for our move. I will seek their service next time."
, Oct 19 2014 11:52PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Our move to California was made possible by Alliance Relocation. There were many reason's why I hired them and many more reasons why I will hire them again in the future. To enumerate some, they were very professional at work, the agents were polite as well as the pick up and delivery guys, their price is very competitive, they work fast and gentle, they never procrastinate, they kept us updated on the status of our shipment. They were very honest and never cheated us in pricing. They deliver my furniture in good condition. I am happy, my family is happy. That's what all matters. I will recommend them for sure."
, Jul 6 2014 1:15AM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Alliance Relocation moved us to California. They were good workers and honest company. They will tell you that they can charge some fee which is noted in their contract and they will run you through the contents of the contract. You can also choose if you want to avail different kind of packages which included different services depending on your chosen price range. Bottom line, the move ended well and everything was perfect."
, Jun 19 2014 1:47AM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I just want to congratulate the team of Alliance Relocation Systems for a job well done. I can't believe that you will give us the service which for years of moving we never ever experienced. Your honesty is very tremendous that we are very thankful as well. They delivered my stuffs to a public storage and since I gave them a go signal to push through with the delivery without me they did the job with my absence. The reason is I was sent out of state for a week for an emergency deployment in Rhode Island branch of our company. My sister who came late accepted everything without checking the inventory. A week later when I checked everything, nothing is missing and everything was accounted for. I was very very happy I can't help but talk good about them."
, May 29 2014 11:54PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
""If I could give more stars I will because of their classy service that I never expected. Usually service like they gave me will only be present to huge corporate companies. We moved last week of April to Texas. I waited about twelve days for our property to be delivered(the date I signed in the contract the first day of delivery is April 27 but all of a sudden I needed to postpone the move since the contractor we hired to do the house did not finish everything on time(we needed three more days to be able to accept it). Since our property was already in the truck, we needed to accept it. I began to check Public storage facilities when they called me and said they can delay our delivery to three days and will put us last in the delivery queue. Their very considerate character made me admire them. They can understand the customer and can determine a valid reason. I was relieved once I learned about it. Thanks Alliance. Two thumbs up to you guys!""
, May 8 2014 9:03PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Alliance Relocation Systems Inc managed my move with great efficiency and responsibility. Their people both from office and on site were experienced and skilled. Thanks a lot guys for service to the max. :-)"
, Mar 26 2014 12:39AM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"A rare move outcome for the past ten years, that's how I can describe my experience using Alliance Relocation Systems Inc., I got lucky when I hired them because we got all our items in perfect condition without any damage. Which rarely happens as per our experience with past different movers we used. Alliance Relocation Systems Inc had to execute their move plan within the customer's satisfaction and they were eventually successful putting a big smile on our faces by having this rare move. Two Thumbs up."
, Mar 14 2014 7:22PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Our move was a little different from a normal move. Since we are moving from a smaller apartment unit to a bigger house. In this case, we need to ship also the furniture we have in storage unit to the new location. In short, there were two different pick up locations. When I called Alliance Relocation Systems Inc, this was the first question I gave them. How much they will charge me for a move with two pick up locations? They immediately answered my inquiry via email and compared to others its not the cheapest but its in the competitive side. So we hired the cheaper one which in the end backed out on us due to misunderstandings on some matters. Our second choice is Alliance Relocation Systems Inc which in fact was by far the best I hired from the last ten years. They gave a competitive price, they send cool and professional people, their customer service is awesome and reliable, their drivers were polite, nothing bad I can say to this company. All in all, my move was positive and its because of Alliance Relocation Systems Inc."
, Mar 3 2014 3:56PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"I previously used Alliance Relocation Systems once locally. I am using them again to make a big move for me since I knew how they are focused and professional at work. Good at loading where they work fast without sacrificing the condition of my things.I moved thrice already and some end up in disaster. Alliance Relocation System are some of those rare companies who falls under small business but first class in service. They work hard and confidently stack up and unpack the stuffs during pick up and delivery. Thanks to this professional team. I and my items made it safe to its destination. I am a happy customer and I am very proud to make this review for you and help people choose wisely on their mover hunting."
, Oct 24 2013 2:43PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"We have a big family and we need to move to a new state, the task of moving us from a 4,000 square foot home in Silver Spring into a 4,300 plus square foot home in Joliet was given to Alliance Relocation Systems Inc., We hired them on full service and they have a whole truck just for our things and furniture. This is our second time moving and we are really on edge moving with 5 young children.A five-man crew arrived with a huge semi and started packing and loading all of our home items inside the truck. They started the morning and finished about 10 pm. That was a very tiring job. Straight they worked and never stopped unless going to eat or going to bathroom. I believe their dedication at work is very exceptional. People are reachable and they give updates upon my calls and the driver called me a day before he will arrived to inform me the estimated time of arrival. I also commend them for unloading and unwrapping the stuffs on its designated location (of course upon our instruction). So happy we hired you for this big move. I will truly recommend you to everyone."
, Oct 8 2013 3:40PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.

 starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"We book Alliance Relocation Systems as per a distant relatives recommendations. My mom needs me to move to her house since she is ailing and needs some family member to take care of her. I am the only one without a family so I decided to move to Arizona to be with her. Arizona was been our hometown and we grew up in here. We have quite a big house here but its quite empty. So I decided to bring all my belongings including my furniture from Maryland. Alliance did the move for me and never had an exhausted time dealing with them. They gave me a fair price upon specifying all items that is included and finalized the estimates when they sent a personnel to do in-house estimates. I end up paying $2600 for the shipment and I never regret hiring them. As soon as we finalized everything they started packing and loading my items to the semi and headed immediately for delivery. In 4 days my items are in Arizona, I wasn't been able to accept it because I am still in Maryland settling everything from work. But my mother is very happy it went complete and in good condition. This guys I will surely use next time."
, Sep 24 2013 2:03PM Alliance Relocation Systems, Inc.


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