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open quoteDo you need your home's interior or exterior repainted? Southern Painting has been in business since 1989, offering high-quality interior and exterior repaint services to the most discriminating read moreclose quote

Address: 17811 Davenport Road, #56
Dallas, TX 75252
Telephone: (972)387-2468

General Information

Do you need your home's interior or exterior repainted?
Southern Painting has been in business since 1989, offering high-quality interior and exterior repaint services to the most discriminating customer. If you're like any of the proud homeowners we've worked with, you really care about the quality of the work done inside your home. Specifically:

You want an up-front estimate that is complete, accurate, and rock-solid.

You want the job done right, from neat trim to cut-in corners, with the right paint and tools for the job.

You want a team of trustworthy folks in your home who will treat your belongings and furniture with utmost care and respect.

You want that team to work quickly but carefully.
You want someone on the team who will check the work and smooth the way.

Texas Custom Home Painting has earned the reputation as one of the best in the business for exterior, interior repainting and waterproofing. Commercial Painting, Exterior Painting Contractors

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You want someone who will listen (and respond) to your concerns and issues. CALL NOW 972-387-2468

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