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business review  starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Got what I wanted, on my terms, and they even handled my previous vehicle lease by holding onto the car and letting Ally Financial send out their inspector to perform the end of lease inspection. Space is limited in my apartment complex, so for them to hold onto the old car was very nice. I didn't feel like I was being tricked in anyway, and I am glad I no longer have to deal with the sharks at Munday Chevrolet. When I had a question, they answered it quickly or got someone just as fast to answer it. At Munday, I was given the runaround multiple times. I had been with Munday since 2007 when I got my first car, and stayed with them for my 2nd car. I am glad I went to Northside Fiat to get my 3rd car."
casey floyd   .. , Apr 27 2015 4:10AM
business review  star 1.0 out 5 stars
"STAFF IS HORRIBLE! I wish I could give it - stars. First off it was a family dinner my husband was meeting his brother for the first time. We were very excited. Razzoo's seemed like the perfect place to go. I used to go with my family there all the time in Dallas. Food was good, drinks were good. 4 adults 3 children. Ticket almost $400. We had a few drinks that was not the problem, the problem was is the waitress "manager" whom lives at Fall Lake Apartments in Houston brought us our food and then later in the evening while my husband was walking through the restaurant was confronted by her saying that he was sexy and she had been looking at him all night. Gave him her number and told him to come hang out with her and her kid! sometime. My husband with not only his wedding band on, and my name TATTOOED on his finger, but also she had also seen us (us being his wife as well as his daughter!) I would've handled it that night if he would've told me then. THAT IS SO DISRESPECTFUL! We spent good money to have a nice night out with family, instead we were bombarded with HUSSIES trying to find a daddy for the one and a baby daddy for another. We did not go out to eat a strip club we went to what was supposed to be a respectable place and spent a nice bit of money on food. I would love an apology from this place! and her job! There are other places she should be and none of the places in my head are at a family place. NOT TO MENTION The host told us 45 wait and it took 2hrs to get a table. So we paid 400 dollars, waited 2 hours so that my husband could get hit on by a nasty female with no manners nor morals!"
Brittanie G. , Apr 23 2015 2:32PM
business review  starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Friendly people , very helpful salesman , sales manager and a great finance manager"
John Jordan   .. , Apr 20 2015 7:29AM

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