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Locksmith Johnston


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Flood Control


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Recent Users Reviews

business review  starstarstarstar 4.0 out 5 stars
"From the commencement to the conclusion of the project, Reyes Landscaping & Maintenance`s professional landscaping services never ceased to amaze me as they created my family`s own private paradise that left me in awe."
John M. , Dec 3 2015 4:20AM
business review  star 1.0 out 5 stars
"All Seasons heating and air USE AT YOUR RISK. I worked for months with All Seasons Heating and Air, and I never received payment. In October 2013, I caught All Seasons Heating and Air’s office manager, the wife and mother of my child, doing drugs and driving with my daughter in the back seat of my truck. At this time, I kicked Ana Grande Montello out of my house and took back my truck, as I was angry at her actions. A few days later, after I had some perspective of the situation, I decided to ask for my paycheck and I am still waiting to receive payment at this present time. Ana is upset because she couldn’t understand due to her influence of Xanax and it affected her judgment. (yes, I may have engaged in taking some in the past with Robin, but I never put my child in danger by getting in a vehicle and driving with her) She is mad, but Patrick Integlia , the owner of All Seasons Heating and Air (he is the owner right?) is also mad that I kicked Ana out of the house, because he chose to give her money for a new place for her to live. When I called Patrick about receiving payment for the job I had done, I was cursed out and told that I will “hear him coming” for what I have done to Ana. This is a personal matter, and I frankly just wanted to be paid for my work. Patrick admitted to the cops that I did work, so now the question is why would Patrick mix business with personal? Why would he withhold my payment? I decided that if I was going to be treated this way that I would let the world know what kind of company they are. I have been robbed in the past, and I had my fair share of bad business deals. I don’t want to sit here and talk about a small sum of money. But, I feel that I have to let people know what has happened to me. This owner, Patrick Integlia, has decided to withhold my payment because he didn’t like my actions, it has nothing to do with the work that I did for him. I may have battled demons in my life, and I am no saint. But, unfortunately Ana Grande Montello, not only stole from me by preventing this payment, but she stole from Ryan’s Day (a non-profit charity organization for a child who has passed away). If you gave to this charity, please be watchful of your credit card information as Ana Grande Montello handles those accounts for al seasons. This is strictly a caution, not accusing her of robbing anyone, but she did rob from the charity in the name of an unfortunate child. While cleaning out the closets, I found a lot of papers that proofed what she has done. I decided that if people were going to threaten my life and steal from me, I would have to tell the world what kind of people they truly are. Yes, I may have been angry at first, and I did my fair share of ranting on the Internet. Now, I will just hope that one day Patrick Integlia will see what happens when he got involved with a personal matter. I do hope that my check will appear in my mailbox. Until then, I will keep this site active and when people read this, they will "
Jason A. , Feb 4 2014 8:04PM
business review  starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Call the rest , then call Altieri Glass!!! You will not be disappointed. Windshields Starting as Low as $99.00 - $149.00 Installed most Cars and Trucks"
Steve A. , Dec 11 2013 5:43PM

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