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business review  starstarstarstar 4.0 out 5 stars
"Our building has never been cleaner. Our needs were filled fast and we always feel secure with Inspector Gadget Cleaning."
Brian A. , May 20 2013 2:29AM
business review  star 1.0 out 5 stars
"Do not use A&E Factory Service. Rest assured this is one company that does not value the customer. When I scheduled the appointment to have my dishwasher serviced, the first available appointment was more than two weeks out. I was given a window of 1PM to 5PM. We received a confirmation call the day prior to the appointment. At 15 minutes to 5 on the day of the appointment, I called the customer service number to find out why the repair person had not shown up. I was told he had been delayed and they would have him call us. 20 minutes later the repairman called and said he would be there in 25 minutes. Once he got there, he did not have the part (a gasket) to repair the dishwasher. Order one for us which was to be delivered to the house and then set up an appointment for the next week again between 1 and 5 PM. Once again, we received a confirmation call the day prior to the appointment. At 6:30 PM, I called the customer service line as no one had shown up. I was told that the repairman had gotten delayed and would not be coming that day. No phone call to tell me that no one was coming, I wasted an entire afternoon waiting for nothing. I was apologized to and told they could reschedule me for another day. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Apologized to once again. (Actually every time I said anything I was told "I apologize" so many times it lost it's meaning.) I was told for my inconvenince they would send me a $25 check, and rescheduled me. The earliest they could schedule me was 12 days out. So now we are more than a month out from when I first scheduled the appointment. Forget these people. I don't know if they over schedule their service people or what, but they certainly don't care about the customer. Take your business elsewhere."
Donna W. , Feb 22 2013 4:36PM
business review  starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out 5 stars
"Once you Deal with iGadget, you'll never deal with anyone again! They fixed my phone in a couple hours. I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg either!"
Kareem E. , Dec 15 2012 1:54PM

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